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In the Cayman Islands we do not observe daylight savings. We have way too much sunshine all year!! We are in the same time zone as Eastern Standard. So all year, Cayman has the same time, -5 hours Coordinated Universal time (UTC). This means the islands share Eastern Standard Time (EST= -5 UTC) with Miami and New York from November through April.

All visitors to the Cayman Islands require a current passport from your country on origin.

The Cayman Islands drive on the left side. This means coming from America you will be driving on the “wrong” side! Take care and if you don’t feel comfortable use a taxi. All rental car companies offer left or right hand side drive cars.

The Cayman Islands have their own money KYD Cayman Islands Dollar. This is a locked currency and has a permanent exchange to the USD. However, all merchants accept USD dollars as payment without question. All credit card machines work in both KYD and USD.

The medical service on the island is good. We recommend travel insurance as medical insurance is not recognized from other countries. If diving, make sure to have DAN insurance.

You are allowed to bring small amounts of alcohol and tobacco. Please make sure to check current laws by visiting the Cayman Islands Border and Customs website.

Like America, gratuities are welcomed for service.

The island’s power is stable and good. We run on 110v power.

Yes. Our pool is at the front of the resort and is perfect for relaxing. A unique experience as you hear the ocean while sitting in the pool. The best place on the island to watch the sunset.

At this time there is no direct access from the resort to dive. Next door is our shore dive access.

There are 365 dive sites on Cayman Island. Over 150 of those are on Grand Cayman.

Grand Cayman has world-class diving all year. The water is warmer from June to September but the visibility is awesome all year.

The water temperature stays warm all year and doesn’t vary more than a few degrees all year. The lowest temp is 78F and that goes to a max of 86F in the summer.