I am not giving away any trade secrets or telling you something you don’t know but the last 19 months have been hard and very unusual. This is true for everyone in the but especially true for the tourism industry.

In March 2020 our government closed our borders. We then endured one of the strictest lockdowns in the world. This irradiated COvid on the island but left the tourism industry decimated. We are now in October 2021 and our borders remain closed. We are hopeful that after much thought and debate our government is ready to unlock our borders and welcome guests back to our beaches, reefs, hotels and restaurants. When this happens we will update you on all the news.

As you can imagine we had some hard choices to make during the lockdown. As a team and with the support of our partners we decided to use this time to build our resort. This meant we got to focus 110% of our energies on making the resort perfect to our build and dream.

It is our hope that our border will open by the end of the year. This will work perfectly as Ocean Cabanas will be ready and waiting to receive guests at or around the same time!  Maybe great planning, maybe luck but we are very happy and excited to open our Cabana doors and welcome you all to Grand Cayman’s first and only boutique dive resort. A bespoke space to dive, chill and relax.

To find out more or to start planning the perfect trip you can visit our reservation page or send us an email and we will guide you to the perfect dive vacation.